D5100 Rotary Resource Library 

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 Pop-up Canopy Event Tent

·       10 x 10 pop-up canopy tent with Rotary logos, screens, wall panels and skirts.

·       $35/week rental fee

·       Pick up at the D5100 office.



RESOURpanel 1

Pull-up Display Panel

·       Approx. 6 x 3 sturdy indoor-outdoor pull-up display panel, colorfully outlining the Rotary story

·       No rental fee, cannot be shipped

 ·      Comes in hard-side, wheeled case

·       Pick up and return to the D5100 office.




8′ High Inflatable Rotary Logo

·       8′ tall and lightweight (10 lbs) with logo imprinted on both sides of inflatable

·       $35/week rental fee, cannot be shipped

 ·      Easy to set up and stow, includes fan, tethers and stakes.

·       Pick up and return to the D5100 office.


Rotary  DVDs


·       Rotarian stories of World Community Service and other topics of Rotarian interest

·       Suitable for use in weekly meetings/programs, Firesides or for individual viewing enjoyment

·       No rental fee ($5.00 for  two-way shipping, if you can’t pick up); maximum two DVDs per order if shipping is required

·       Pick up at the D5100 office or have mailed to your location