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Vocational Training Teams were developed in TRF’s New Grant Model to build upon our successful Group Study Exchange program by including the requirements for meeting one or more of the Six Areas of Focus and incorporating sustainability. VTTs are designed to create a meaningful impact in the lives of others using the vocational and professional skills of  team members, particularly in countries where resources and infrastructure are  limited.

TRF Requirements  for VTT Grants 

  1. Teams must consist of a  minimum of one Rotarian team leader and three non-Rotarian team members with no  maximum limit of participants. Rotarians may be included as team members as long as the team includes three non-Rotarians.
  2. All participants on a single team must have careers linked to the goals of the grant, but they are not required to have the  same profession.
  3. Teams must be selected through a formal application and lead-club interview process. See additional qualification requirements on the participant application form:
    Global Grants Vocational Training Team  Participant  Application (doc).
  4. Teams may be multi-vocational but must share a common purpose in support of the selected Area of Focus. The goals of the team must  be sustainable and measurable.
  5. There is no restriction on the age of the team leader or team members.
  6. One or more VTT teams may travel under each grant.
  7. Teams may either receive or provide training. A key concept of successful VTT applications is providing opportunity for capacity building, i.e. the process of developing and strengthening the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for individuals to achieve sustainable development.
  8. Global VTT Grants must meet the $30,000 minimum for the total project cost, including the expenses for the vocational training team, as well as any other grant activities.

Application Process:

A detailed travel itinerary must outline the team’s travel arrangements (both
local and international) including daily activities, and hosting accommodations
as well as providing required information from any/all cooperating organizations.

There is no minimum or maximum limitation on the duration of the team’s visit to the project site.


Vocational  Training Team Fact Sheet (pdf)
Vocational  Training Team Itinerary (doc) 
Global  Grants Vocational Training Team Participant Application (doc)
Scholar and Vocational Training Team Member Predeparture Orientation Powerpoint (ppt)
Other  Global Grant Downloads