Rotary District 5100

Networking with Meaning

I joined for networking… I stayed for friendship

In 2007 A.J. Schadler had no idea that a simple Myspace post would have such a huge effect on his life. It was that single post that led Schadler, former Willamette Rotaract President, to his first Rotary meeting. Although Schadler suspected it would be an “old man’s club” he was pleasantly surprised to see there were “amazing people and the opportunity to be involved with a non-political/non-religious club” set to change the world.

When asked what he values most about his involvement with Rotary, Schadler responds “I have gained lifelong friends, a better understanding of the issues affecting our local and global community, great memories, and the satisfaction of knowing I’m making a difference in helping make this world a better place.”

If you’re interested in taking the next step towards making a difference Schadler suggests visiting a Rotary club meeting, “We have fun, give back, and make a difference with both our members and our community”.