Rotary District 5100

Worth Your Time

I joined to give back… I stayed to help others locally and internationally

After going on a Rotary Group Study Exchange trip to SW Finland in 1970 Dave Easton knew he wanted to join a great service organization.  “I have always said that the trip our group went on could not be purchased.  We were housed in people’s homes, company headquarters and hotels,” Easton said.  “We were taken to manufacturing businesses, schools, municipal offices and universities.”  Easton always felt the need to give back after receiving the trip and was proud to join Rotary four years afterwards.

Easton mostly enjoys the fact that Rotary shares a focus on both local and international service.  Easton has invited many people to club meetings over the years and says Rotary is a great organization and although it is a time commitment, you have the opportunity to be as involved as you want to be.