Rotary District 5100

Rotary Education and Literacy Projects

If illiteracy were a simple problem, Rotarians would have solved it by now.

The issues are myriad: a scarcity of schools and learning materials, insufficient government spending on education, and cultural stigmas that limit education for women and girls, to name a few. And the problem goes far beyond the inability to decipher words on a page. In an increasingly complex world, poor reading comprehension condemns adults to the lowest rungs of society.

District 5100 and Rotarians everywhere, however, are committed to improving the situation. Rotary clubs have been carrying out thousands of literacy projects for decades. Rotary Education and Literacy Projects work to:

  • Ensure that children have access to quality basic education
  • Reduce gender disparity in education
  • Increase adult literacy
  • Strengthen the capacity of communities to support basic education and literacy
  • Support studies related to basic education and literacy

Examples of Rotary’s international work in literacy include rebuilding schools destroyed by natural disasters in Sri Lanka and Haiti, partnering with the Dollywood Foundation’s Imagination Library to promote early childhood reading, and teaching students to read and write through the concentrated language encounter method in Brazil and Turkey.

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